Why Hire a Certified Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney

Top Reasons to Retain a Certified Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney

Top Reasons to Retain a Certified Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney

A certified workers’ compensation law attorney, like James A. Hicks, can provide you with the highest quality representation and exceptional advocacy throughout the workers’ compensation claim process. Since 2003, Attorney James A. Hicks has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a workers’ compensation law attorney.

This is not just an accolade. It indicates that Mr. Hicks has:

  • Substantial experience in workers’ compensation law
  • A history of good standing with the New Jersey State Bar Association
  • Favorable evaluations from judges and other attorneys
  • The experience, knowledge and skills to effectively represent injured New Jersey workers in any type of workers’ compensation case.

Dedicated and diligent, Mr. Hicks has the expertise you can rely on for the best possible outcome to a claim.

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When you contact the Law Office of James A. Hicks, LLC, you will not be passed through a non-lawyer associate. Attorney James A. Hicks answers his own phone and promptly responds to all messages. He is ready to talk about your situation, answer your questions and provide you with superior advocacy.

Background: What Does It Mean to Be a Certified Attorney?

To help people make informed decisions when choosing a lawyer, the Supreme Court of New Jersey has established a workers’ compensation certification program.1 Attorneys certified through this program possess a recognized level of competence in workers’ compensation law.

To earn this certification, a lawyer must:

  • Have a taken the required continuing legal education courses
  • Be in good standing with the New Jersey bar (for a minimum of 5 years)
  • Have taken and passed a written exam on workers’ compensation law
  • Receive favorable assessments from judges and colleagues
  • Exhibit a significant level of experience in workers’ compensation law.

Attorney James A. Hicks is among the ~2 percent of lawyers in New Jersey to have earned this certification.

3 Reasons to Retain a Certified Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney

  1. Exceptional and confirmed expertise – The continuing education requirements, exam, peer evaluations and other requirements for obtaining certification affirm a lawyer’s experience and mastery of workers’ compensation law. When it’s time to file a claim, the guidance of a lawyer who is known to be an expert in these cases can be invaluable to the outcome and success of a workers’ compensation claim.
  2. Reputation and respect – Certification by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a workers’ compensation law attorney is a recognized title in the legal community. It’s associated with excellence and expertise. As such, being represented by an attorney with this certification will signal that you have well-trained, exceptional counsel in your corner – and that you are serious about protecting your claim.
  3. Diligence and dedication – To earn certification, lawyers must get through a rigorous process and meet specific, stringent requirements. To maintain this certification, lawyers will have to fulfill various ongoing requirements. Consequently, an attorney who holds this certification has been diligent and dedicated about putting in the necessary work and gaining the necessary skills. This diligence and dedication can go a long way to building strong claims and effectively representing injured workers.

Contact Certified Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney James A. Hicks for Exceptional Advocacy

If you or a loved one has been hurt on the job, contact Middlesex County Workers Compensation Lawyer James A. Hicks for essential insights about your legal options and superior representation moving forward.

Call (732) 767-1300 or email us. Mr. Hicks is ready to explain how he can help you pursue the benefits you may deserve.

From offices in Middlesex County, Attorney James A. Hicks is proud to represent injured workers and families from across the state of New Jersey.


1: More information on Attorney Certification from the New Jersey Courts